How to handle a Know-it-all?

Yes, we all know someone that is a know-it-all.

Any topic you raise a conversation at, will result in that person probably telling you that you are wrong. (haha that is actually funny) I actually have at least one, that he is an expert in the entire knowledge, acts and facts of the entire world. My friendship with him is always a little bit harder, because at some point, I just cannot stand him, but at least he is a good person…

Anyway, this is how to deal with a person like that. Just listen to him/her and if you are not enjoying what the person is saying, ignore it. Sometimes is nice to listen to them, because they can make you see something in a new perspective (does not mean they are right, just that they made you consider other things that previously you were not).

I’ve learned that confronting this kind of person will only make you tired, because even if you are right, you will have to prove it and the only way is lecturing about it. Probably arguing with the person, in which is only being reluctant on understanding because of their pride of having the knowledge. Most of the times you will get tired with this situation and your friendship will become a burden for you.

Sorry it is not a very complex and tricky method, but it works. When you are open to learning new things, listening to someone will make you think. If you do not agree, just ignore, because otherwise that person will make an entire lecture about their opinion. And again your friendship is going to be affected.

Enjoy knowledge, but no one is the master of it. Be open to new points of view and you will understand the world a little better. Don’t try to change the opinion of a person that is pride of his/hers opinion. Accept that maybe that person isn’t ready to see that they have to change.

An open mind finds a better and more colourful world to live in.



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