This topic is excellent, everybody lose their cool and control in this area. Because it is so hard to deal with.

Frustration can happen at anytime with anything. At our work, our study, our private stuff… The easiest way is losing things you did or own. Because when that happens, you just can’t do a thing, besides accepting the situation you got yourself into or that someone else did.

It happened to me yesterday. I was writing a post here at my Kindle and then I just wanted to save what I ‘ve written so I could just add the image… and then it happened, I have no idea how but I deleted it all. I’ve just lost about half hour and I actually didn’t have more time to do it again…

So I got frustrated because I have just lost my writings and couldn’t upload anything. And I felt kinda lost in my own mind, because I didn’t know what to feel, how to deal with that or what to do next.

I just breath, accepted what just happened and moved on with my life.

I know it could have been worse than this, but frustration comes at anytime, but what is important is to calm down, accept things and start the comeback.

An open mind finds a better and more colorful world to live in.




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