Dealing with physical pain


Sometimes we want to do some sports or another exercise, but our body isn’t in the same place as our mind. And we got frustrated that we are unable to do what we want and, most of the times, something we know we can do.

Not easy to deal with this feeling, because it makes you believe that you are incapable. This will start a small feeling of giving up, that if you get a little hurt again, you develop that feeling a lot more.

I have two training sessions per day. It can be muay thai and jiu jitsu or workout sessions… Constantly I have huge muscle pain and have to skip some sessions. That’s normal! That’s my body’s limit!

Of course I wish I could be training all the time, but since I can’t, the best thing I can do is to take a couple days off and get better. The more you use your body when you already have pain, the worse it will get.

You need to give time so your organism can heal. Always remember that! You are not giving up, you are healing.

An open mind finds a better and more colorful world to live in.



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