How to Calm Down from rudeness

Everybody have already passed through a situation in which another person was rude to them. No news there, right?

But the way we are going to accept that situation is what matters.

We could get angry with the person who was disrespectful, but ask yourself this: Getting angry with that person would make anything better? I can already answer it for you, probably not and you two could get into a fight.

So why should you get out of your happiness and calm state of mind just because of that?

So the reason I’m here is to show you guys that when a person is rude to you, like your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, family or even a stranger in the market.

It is easy. y0u just breath a little deeper, blank your mind and accept that situation, because you have no idea about the stressful situations that person have been through in his/her day. Saying bad things back or getting mad at the person won’t change anything and if you control yourself in that moment, dodging a fight, later when you see that the person is more calm, then you can talk to him/her and show them that they acted wrong.

This is what I normally try to do, and so far it is getting good results.

An open mind finds a better and more colorful world to live in.



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