The attacks in Belgium

It saddens me a lot to know that my blog came online on the same day that the attacks in Brussels happened.

It is difficult to feel imparcial and try to see the good side at this time, but we got to try to stay away from the hattred thoughts.

I want to point out that there is only one way, so far, that I’ve found to see the good side of this event. It is that at least the number of victims was relatively small, considering that there were multiple explosions.

I’m sad there were victims, even if it was just one. And it is worse to think that parts of humanity are this far away from the path of rightousness, not from religious or moral views, but from humane and nature views.

I hope the group that are doing this acts can find the good in life, love within all people, despite their cultural and religious ways, and the positive in the rest of the world.

An open mind finds a better and more colorful world to live in.



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